What we do


Sofos Learning Solutions offers original solutions for complex problems. Our staff consists of a diverse set of subject matter experts (SMEs), technical consultants, and education professionals -- who are all trained in teaching and assessing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This combined set of skills and experience enable Sofos to take on an array of project-based work, from designing customized formative assessments for educational programs, to advising clients on digital learning platforms and tools, to developing individual education strategies in order to increase engagement and critical thinking among small populations or individual students.

Sofos is dedicated to its mission of improving educational outcomes by adapting to the unique needs of each project and each community. At Sofos, we believe students should thrive by utilizing all available forms of instructing and learning, including those which exist in such abundance outside the conventional classroom. We are committed to discovering what tools will work best for our partners, and most importantly, our students.    

Our Business Model

Sofos was founded with the belief that educational resources should be directed to teaching and learning.  Our company profit-sharing model creates an environment of equity and ownership, ensuring the highest quality of work on every project.  

At Sofos, our mission drives us -- we are therefore willing to negotiate our rates based on the needs and resources of our partners. Non-profits and sustainability-driven institutions are encouraged to request more information about our non-profit rates. 

we serve

Educational institutions such as schools and universities; organizations with an education mission or wing; community partners and school districts seeking innovative solutions for their students; or any other social enterprise seeking project-based solutions. 

We are eager to work with other institutions that have made the decision to implement deeper-learning programs into their existing and future curricula. 



SLS Staff have worked with the following organizations: 


who we are


Zoe O'Brian comes to education reform from an assessment background. Over years of developing educational measurement tools, Zoe decided that she wanted to do more than identify problems; she wanted to be part of building solutions. Thus, SOFOS was born.


Rebecca Posner began writing educational materials after years of teaching in traditional and non-traditional settings. She loves the creative logic of this work, bringing to it a strong background in assessment and a passion for joyful and effective individualized learning.