Community & Industry Engagement

Connecting Students to the World


The hallmark feature of our community and industry engagement programs is our use of authentic scenario-based experiences to  guide student learning. Our curricular and assessment materials provide students with the necessary skillsets for college and career-readiness, by creating real-world tasks that reflect current trends within industry.  With a foundation in inquiry-based learning, these programs stimulate curiosity and facilitate deeper student engagement.

We begin this process by identifying successful and relevant industry partners who are interested in engaging with local education programs and institutions, but lack the structure required to facilitate collaboration. Sofos acts as an intermediary by developing projects that provide students with authentic information and teach real-life skills related to the missions and products of partner businesses and organizations. Our products put students in the driver's seat of their own education, enabling them to define the direction of their work through problem-solving and critical thinking.   

Sofos can develop industry- and community-based programs for your education institution or can lead professional development and workshops for your educators to teach how to develop and use authentic learning and assessment tools in the classroom. All materials are aligned to relevant standards, including CCSS and NGSS. 

Options for development include Performance Tasks and Project Based Learning, but Sofos is interested in working with you to define the goals and objectives of your program to design a product that fits the needs of your students and community.