education Strategies

Creative education strategies customized for your students. 

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Sofos Learning Solutions offers dynamic and innovative education products, designed to strengthen student engagement while respecting the unique culture and identity of the communities it serves. That is why our educational solutions are centered around an authentic, problem-based approach to learning, while cultivating the valuable, 21st century skills students will need for success throughout the rest of their lives. 

At SLS we believe in the significant power of culture and identity, and incorporate the knowledge and wisdom of each unique community with whom we work into our educational products. Please contact us to find out more about how we can help enhance your students' learning experiences. 


additional services

Curriculum Design

Sofos can custom design curriculum, courses of study, and training programs that focus on achieving high educational outcomes through engaging and cohesive learning processes. We specialize in achieving coherence of content and sequence with alignment to standards and other requisites. We design and adapt curricula to specific learning communities, programs, and content guidelines.

Direct Engagement

Staff as Sofos will engage directly with your students, either at the institutional level or one-on-one, helping students who are struggling to grasp certain content or skills to overcome their barriers to learning. Sofos will assess your students' specific learning needs and design content developed to address these.

Profesional Development

Sofos will provide your organization and faculty with meaningful professional development to help administer any of our products more smoothly. We can also travel to your institution or organization to work directly with your educators.

Technology Integration

Sofos can help you integrate technology into traditional subject areas, to increase student engagement while also expanding students' access to and knowledge of advanced technology, an area of increasing importance to success in their later college and careers. 

Translation and ESL

Sofos can adapt or translate content into foreign languages for educational content. Sofos can also develop content and assessments specifically for English Language Learners (ELLs) at various stages of fluency, including the development of rubrics to assess the growth of your ELL students.