Item & Passage Development

At Sofos we are well versed in the best practices of assessment design and development, including passage and scenario development, item development and alignment, qualitative and quantitative text evaluation, reviewing, editing, and finalizing test documents. 

Sofos staff have experience developing passages and test items in a large range of subjects, from Common Core ELA and Math in Elementary School, to alternative science and social studies for special needs students, to college level Physics and Biology. 

Sofos staff can also facilitate item and passage review meetings, regardless of whether we have developed the content. We will work with all stakeholders to ensure that items and passages are relevant and comprehensible to the target audiences. Sofos staff have extensive experience in the areas of bias and sensitivity, and can facilitate both content and B/S reviews concurrently. 

Contact us with any questions you have about how Sofos can help you and your organization develop an innovative, machine-scorable assessment to meet the needs of your programs.