Performance tasks

An effective, inquiry-based method for assessing student performance. 

Performance Tasks (PTs) are growing in popularity in the world of assessment, and for good reason. Instead of using inflexible, multiple-choice questions, PTs elicit qualitative and quantitative analysis on the part of the student, which informs direct action. At Sofos, our PTs generally result in a culminating product, whether it be a written response to a complex problem, an interactive presentation to fellow classmates, or a website developed to address a specific need. The range of solutions are endless, and driven by the learner.  

Information is presented to students using all forms of learning, including traditional methods, such as researching, reading, and writing, as well as more non-traditional focuses, such as field work with community partners, service learning, and discussion based speaking-and-listening programs. 

At Sofos we believe in the importance of engaging students through the use of familiar, cultural norms and community-based businesses and organizations. In order to address the unique needs of your program, we will develop custom-designed PTs, specially tailored to the content and goals of you and your students.  

To develop the strongest product we can offer, we will assess the features of your program and develop a set of objectives based on the content and goals, which can be measured using a custom-designed rubric that ties directly to national and state standards. We will work directly with all relevant partners to ensure that the content is appropriate to the needs of your program.